Deposits & Policies

Payment Methods –

Deposit Policy –

*     In Victoria.         All new gents making a booking, a Booking Fee ( deposit ) is required.    My time is valuable and need you to show me that you are serious about seeing me.      Phone call is required, make a date and time for me to arrive and see you.  Then pay your Booking Fee.  An hour  $100 for example.                                                                                                                               

For all tours a Booking Fee ( deposit)  of 50% of the booking fee is required into my ANZ Business account prior to heading on tour. With balance paid at time of booking.

  • For visits by personal request, a 50% Booking Fee ( deposit) is required and cleared in my account prior to my travelling to your location.
  • If you cancel more then 48 hours in advance for my upcoming tours  you will be given a 75% refund
  • If you give less then 48 hours notice to cancel a booking you have made for my tour the deposit is non refundable
  • If I cancel the tour I will offer to give you a full refund of all deposits.
  • Booking Fee ( deposit) can be made via – Internet Banking (require 1 to 3 days to clear in my account), Branch Deposit at ANZ Bank/ATM, Pay by Mobile through internet banking app, Bpay (Requires 3 days to clear), or BEEM IT (Instant and Discreet)

Sexual Health –

Please be aware I get regular STI Screening done and would recommend it is something you get done regularly. Please be aware I do not provide any services without condoms. So I insist you don’t ask me to provide any services without condoms because it will be refused by myself. There is no negotiation on this matter – Further sexual health information located at – STI Health