Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions I get asked, hopefully I can answer all your questions about me and the experience I offer.

Will I be required to wear condoms during a service?

Yes you will be required to wear condoms for our time together. I provide condoms and dental dams to use during our time together. Please don’t ask me to do anything without a condom as you will be politely refused.  Call me if you have any questions.

How do I pay you for our time together?

I accept cash on arrival at the start of our time together. I also accept Bank transfer for advance bookings and for all deposits. I am able to accept cardless cash and Pay to Mobile if arranged when calling to arrange a meeting. You can also pay using  Download the app. It is owned by the big banks and it is a safe fast and secure way to do a deposit.

Do you see clients who are disabled?

Yes I am more then happy to see you if you have a disability, I just need to know of any limitations you have before I meet you so I can be prepared. I have a Working with Children card, so if that is a requirement for any care facility.  I am a very caring person and have seen many disabled clients over the years.

What kind of clients do you prefer to see?

I don’t mind if you’re a farmer, truck driver, tradie, Business man, Retiree I am happy to spend time with you. As long as you are respectful I don’t mind what your background is or what career you have. I would just like to make sure that our time together is really enjoyable.

How is the best way to make a booking with you?

I prefer that you call me rather then text to make a time to see me as I like to speak to you on the phone and really get a feel for what your wanting and so we can speak freely and have a good understanding on what experience your wanting.

Do you see couples at all?

This is something I am happy to consider. I prefer to speak to both of you before going ahead to make sure it’s a good match, but I am happy to see couples.

Do you do group bookings?

Sometimes I am happy to see a group of friends, I won’t see you all at once, but I am happy to see you each individually. I am also happy to be a waitress. A deposit is required for this type of booking and this is only at my discretion as I need to ensure my safety before deciding if I will proceed. I require respect for my boundaries at all times.

I want to spend the night with you, is this possible?

I love doing overnight and weekend appointments. I love experiencing a lovely dinner with you before going back to your place or mine depending on the State I am in and enjoying each other intimately.

I want to spent a week or longer with you, is this possible ?

I would love to be your personal girlfriend / companion for a week or longer. But I would prefer to meet with you first, to see that we get along. It is important to have a genuine connection with you.  So I would suggest a 4 hour or overnight Booking first before a longer booking took place.

I wish to purchase you a gift, is this possible?

Gifts are certainly not expected. But if you wish to bring one along I would certainly enjoy that a lot.  Vouchers for lingerie, massage or a spa. Perfume favourite is Elizabeth Arden Red Door.  Favourite drink is Whiskey.