Like to get away?

Hi there! Are you looking to take a well-deserved holiday but don’t want to go solo? I completely understand, there’s nothing quite like having someone to share the experience with. That’s why I’d love to join you for a trip, be it for just a few days or even a week or more.

Imagine having a travel companion to explore a new part of Australia with. We could visit wineries, go fishing, camping, hit the snow, head to the beach – anything you’d like to do. It would be great to have someone to share meals with, take walks with, relax with, or even watch a movie or see a live show.

If you’re ready for a break and would like to have my company, let’s make it happen! I’ve already been to every state in Australia and there’s still so much more to see and do. Having your lovely company would be a real treat for me. So, if you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s plan this adventure together!

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