Why pay a Deposit ?

Well hello there,

Firstly I run a business. Secondly to stop those of you that make a booking.  Then think it is okay to text 40 minutes later. “Sorry got called into work, have to cancel “.

You rang to make the booking.  I don’t appreciate a text message to cancel.

Why I ask for a deposit  ?   Pleasure is my business.  I provide a service / good times / intimacy/ companionship etc.  I have been around for a while, not a fly by.  I am Not going to take your hard earned cash and do a runner.  Don’t compare me to other girls.  When on Tour, the number of Cancellations and No shows are very annoying.

If you are serious about spending time with me ? That also means that you would be paying my rate for my time anyway.

A Deposit is Simply a way to ensure to me that you are serious and that you will show up.

A Deposit is deducted from the total booking rate.

For bookings in Victoria, the same applies,  a deposit is required. I will accept bookings after you have made a deposit of $50 or $100 or $1,000.

There you have it. Looking forward to hearing from you. To ask for my bank details.

Then look forward to seeing you.

Your new lover,

Linda x



Travelling around Victoria


  • So I  am based in and around Melbourne. But I am happy to travel all around Victoria. I am available to travel to Phillip Island, Mornington Peninsula, Gippsland, Bairnsdale, Geelong -the Bellarine Peninsula or to country Victoria.

Generally I need a minimum 24 hours notice and a deposit to travel outside the Melbourne area. I offer a range of things we can enjoy doing together. Whether you want the company of a mature country lady to spend a few hours offering you good company, conversation and intimacy or if you want someone to spend a few days with checking out the sights, trying great restaurants and enjoying some intimacy with a lady who loves to make sure you feel great.

I especially love overnight and 24 hour arrangements as they are my speciality. They are my favourite because it gives me a chance to really get to know what you love and enjoy and to really get to spoil you and make you feel amazing and special. I love it because it gives us time to really take our time and just experience the pleasure of each others company.

So whether your a business man, a truckie, a farmer, a tradie, I  would love to spend time with you and I look forward to arranging something soon.